New Study on Capturing the €1 Billion European Small Business Card Revenue Opportunity

Navigator Edition: May 2015
By: Erik Howell

First Annapolis recently released a new study on how European issuers can capture the €1 billion revenue opportunity from small business cards. Our examination of over 50 issuers in 10 key European markets revealed that small business credit cards are significantly underpenetrated in Europe and that most issuers do not have a differentiated product (vs. consumer cards), nor do they actively market small business cards.

As most small business cards (company pay cards) will be exempt from EU interchange caps, there is a €1 billion incentive for issuers to migrate businesses away from consumer cards and onto small business cards. To capture this opportunity, issuers will need to focus on four key activities:

  1. Selecting an effective operating model to issue business cards (which could mean working with a co-issuer);
  2. Providing products that offer clear value-proposition upside relative to consumer cards and that cater to the unique needs of small businesses;
  3. Developing a solid plan to actively migrate small businesses away from consumer cards; and,
  4. Implementing tactics to optimize portfolio growth, including effectively leveraging acquisition channels, streamlining the application process, and tailoring customizing lifecycle management and customer interaction points for the needs of small businesses.

For a copy of the study or information on how First Annapolis can help your business optimize the small business card opportunity, please contact Erik Howell, Senior Manager, or Scott Frisby, Manager,

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