Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker

Navigator Edition: May 2012
By: Allan Reynolds

Figure 1 is the May Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker.  The chart measures current stock prices and market caps (as of May 21, 2012) as well as movement over the last 30 days and year-to-date.  Despite a difficult 30-day stretch, companies in the payments value chain maintained an average YTD increase of more than 10%, relative to the broader market’s 3% uptick thus far in 2012.

In summary:

  • The issuer sector lost substantial ground in May, suffering a 10% decline.  J.P. Morgan Chase’s well-publicized trading losses, totaling in excess of $2 billion, severely impacted its share price to the tune of a 30-day 24% plummet.  Citi and Bank of America suffered share declines of 23% and 18%, respectively.  Nonetheless, the sector’s 12% YTD gains are 4x that of the S&P 500.
  • The processor / acquirer sector also lost footing across the board with Vantiv as the only exception.  Vantiv, which went public in March, posted an 11% increase during this tracking period.  This single bright spot held sector losses at bay, buoying its peers to only a 1% average loss.
  • The network sector posted a 5% loss this month.  As with the issuer and processor / acquirer sectors, very strong Q1 numbers allowed the networks to maintain double-digit increases YTD.

Figure 1: Monthly Average Stock Price Tracker


Source: Google Finance, First Annapolis Consulting research and analysis.

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