Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker

Navigator Edition: April 2013
By: Collin Bauer

Figure 1 is the Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker for the month of April. The chart measures current stock prices and market caps (as of April 30, 2013) and tracks movement over the last month, and year-to-date. The companies we monitor across the payments value chain experienced mixed results in April, but in aggregate are tracking consistent with the broader market’s 9% gain so far in 2013.

In summary:

Stocks within the issuing sector posted gains of 3% as a whole since April 1, with most of the activity driven by first quarter earnings releases. Outperforming the other issuers we monitor, Capital One’s stock price gained 8% this month after beating prior quarter’s earnings by 27%; however, the stock is still down 6% YTD. Citi also posted strong gains in April, rising 7% after beating analysts’ quarterly EPS expectations and strong performance by its investment banking arm. FleetCor’s stock, which is up 39% so far this year, remained unchanged this month and will announce its first quarter earnings in early May.

The processor / acquirer sector posted mixed results among companies tracked over the last month and remained unchanged for the period. However, the sector is still up 12% in aggregate YTD as the two largest companies tracked, FIS and Fiserv, have both posted double-digit gains this year. Fiserv again posted gains this month (up 5%) partially fueled by the launch of PopMoney Instant Payments in mid-April, an extension of the original service to allow for last minute and emergency P2P payments. Global Payments marginally missed earnings expectations in early April and the stock has yet to fully rebound, dipping a total of 6% since the April 1.

MasterCard and Visa are up 8% YTD in aggregate. Both stocks experienced a late surge towards the end of April in anticipation of their respective earnings releases on May 1.

Figure 1: Monthly Average Stock Price Tracker
Note: Weighted Averages are based on current market caps.
Source: Yahoo Finance, First Annapolis Consulting research and analysis.

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