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Navigator Edition: June 2014
By: Collin Bauer

First Annapolis monitors monthly and annual movement in stock prices and market capitalization for companies across the payments value chain. Observations for June 2014 are reflected in Figure 1 below. Last month, the payments sectors that First Annapolis tracks experienced positive results in the aggregate, with only the network sector trailing the broader market’s 2% increase in June.


The issuing sector experienced gains of 3% in aggregate in June, slightly outperforming overall market trends (the market experienced a 2% gain). Nearly all issuers tracked experienced positive results in June, including significant gains from WEX (+9%), Capital One (+5%) and Discover (+5%).  FleetCor and Discover have both experienced double-digit year-to-date gains of 12% and 11%, respectively. The issuing sector, as a whole, has recovered from early declines in the first half of the year and is now flat in 2014 on a YTD basis.

The processor / acquirer sector experienced overall gains of 3% in June, driven largely off positive results from Vantiv (+8%), Global Payments (+6%), and TSYS (+4%). All other companies tracked within the sector trailed the overall market in June. Companies in this sector have experienced mixed results for the year with Global Payments posting a YTD increase of 12% in 2014, and Heartland Payments, at the other end of the spectrum, having a decline of 17% thus far in 2014. While individual performance has varied significantly, the processor / acquirer sector as a whole has experienced gains of 2% in 2014.

After delivering a 5% increase in May, MasterCard and Visa posted declines of 4% and 2%, respectively, in June. The network sector as a whole has posted declines of 8% YTD in 2014.

Figure 1: Monthly Stock Price Tracker

JUNE-2014-stock-price-tracker_14Jul1Note: Weighted Averages are based on current market caps.
Source: Yahoo Finance, First Annapolis Consulting research and analysis.

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