Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker

Navigator Edition: May 2013
By: Collin Bauer

Figure 1 is the Payments Industry Stock Price Tracker for May 2013. The chart measures current stock prices and market caps, as well as movement over the last month, and year-to-date. The companies that First Annapolis monitors across the payments value chain experienced positive results in May, and in aggregate are exceeding the broader market’s 16% YTD gain.

In summary:

Companies within the issuing sector posted gains of 10% as a whole over the past month, with gains experienced by all issuers tracked. Chase posted a 12% gain in May and outperformed the other issuers we track. This performance was largely guided by a shareholder vote that rejected splitting the role of Chairman and CEO. In addition to Chase, American Express, Citi, and FleetCor also posted double-digit gains in May, with FleetCor’s stock price gaining 54% since January 2013.

The processor / acquirer sector posted positive results during May with an overall gain of 2% for the period. The sector is up 19% in aggregate YTD with FIS, the largest company tracked, posting a 30% gain in 2013. This month, FIS repurchased its former unit, Lender Processing Services, Inc. (LPS), for $2.9 billion, helping drive the stock’s 7% increase in May. Vantiv posted a 17% gain this month, the most of any company tracked. The stock-price uptick was largely driven by Vantiv’s secondary public offering and new multi-year partnership with NCR to develop small business POS terminals.

In aggregate, MasterCard and Visa posted an 8% gain in May, and are up 18% YTD. Positive stock momentum for the companies was driven by strong first quarter earnings. However, both networks’ stock prices were influenced by the news that several top retailers, including Wal-Mart and Target, would opt out of the recent $7 billion swipe-fee settlement and retain their ability to pursue the networks in court in the future.

Figure 1: Monthly Average Stock Price Tracker

Note: Weighted Averages are based on current market caps.
Source: Yahoo Finance, First Annapolis Consulting research and analysis.
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