Retailers with Plans to Grow Store Footprints…Yes, Stores?

Navigator Edition: March 2015
By: John Grund

In the wake of high profile bankruptcy filings and waves of store closures on the retail front, it is easy to assume that retailers are more focused on digital channels than adding brick and mortar locations. In fact, the recent bankruptcies of Radio Shack, Wet Seal, Cache, and Coldwater Creek certainly point to a challenging environment. At the same time, a steady stream of store closings by past high-growth retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Chico’s, and Aeropostale cast a rather dim light on traditional retailing. However, one should not paint an entire industry with the same brush.

There is no denying the momentum of digital channels, changing shopping behaviors, and a host of other challenges, but the cyclical nature of retail and the U.S. economy also gives rise to opportunities. The table below lists certain retailers with plans to add new stores in the U.S. at a meaningful rate.

Figure 1: Select Retailers with Store Growth Plans

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